Author Interview with Violet Joicey-Cowen. Introducing her first release, Alpha Second, Whithowe Forest Pack

Hi everyone!
Thank you to Kara for hosting me on the blog today, it is great to be here.

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When Charlie Michaelson stumbled onto the pack as a teenager, Alpha Perry Wyndham was overjoyed to realise the young wolf-shifter would one day be his mate. Then Charlie vanished just before his 18th birthday, the age at which he could have been claimed.
Now, three years later, Charlie has finally been found, but he is starved and broken and not expected to last the night.
As Charlie begins to recover, things come to light which will change the lives of the entire pack forever. As the full story unfolds, a deeper wedge is driven between him and his mate, leaving both men feeling rejected and alone. Charlie is devastated to feel Perry backing away, and Perry cannot hope Charlie will still want him after all the young shifter has suffered through.
Will they be able to find their way through the misunderstandings and the shadows of the past to finally claim each other?

1. What inspired you to write this book?
The first sentence popped into my head one day, and it would not leave me alone until I sat down at my computer and started writing. Several thousand words later I thought it just might be going somewhere! Lol. Perry and Charlie really wanted their story told. Before I had even got half way through writing it, all the other characters in the book began clamouring for my attention and wanting me to write their stories as well.

2. Do you have a favourite part? Short excerpt here.
This might seem like a cop-out, but I love the whole book, and the others that follow on from it. Here is part of the story excerpt…
Perry was concentrating heavily on the numbers in front of him when the banging on the front door tore his attention away from the screen.
“Perry? Perry! Where are you?”
“In the office, Jase, what’s wrong?” Perry rose and went to stand half out of the office door. He watched while a naked Jason slid to a halt in front of him, skidding slightly on the glossy finish of the parquet wood floor. Each and every one of the boy’s thousands of freckles showed vividly against the paleness of his body.
“He’s here, man! He’s real sick, but he’s back!” Jason turned and ran back the way he had come, vanishing again.
There was only one person Jason could be talking about. Going pale for a moment and leaning heavily against the doorframe, Perry drew a deep breath, the ever-present ache in his chest pulsing with a new awareness, then he took off after the other man.
Perry found Jason crouched outside next to an unconscious, emaciated brown wolf. “What…”— Perry swallowed, trying to contain his terror at the sight of Charlie— “what happened to him?”
“I don’t know. I found him hours ago, stuck in a damn bear trap. He must have been there for days, judging by the state of him. I didn’t know if he would make it back here. God knows how he did. I would have come to get help, but I couldn’t leave him. Not after the way he disappeared last time. I couldn’t leave him alone.” Jason looked between Perry and the wolf at his feet rather wildly.
Perry laid a reassuring hand on Jason’s freckled shoulder. Jason had done well and should know that Perry was proud of him and how he had reacted to the situation. Perry’s gaze swung to the wolf’s feet, and the big man fell to his knees and moaned as if in pain himself.
“Charlie, what happened to you?” He buried his trembling fingers and his face in the dirty and matted fur around Charlie’s neck. The smell of sickness worried him even more than Charlie’s tattered appearance. “Get Doc.” His voice was muffled slightly by the fur, but Jason’s enhanced shifter hearing must have picked the words up easily enough because he set off running once again after jumping up.
Back less than four minutes later followed by a tiny brunette woman clutching a heavy black bag, Jason led the way into the house and up to Perry’s bedroom, knowing that’s where he would find his Alpha and the wolf. Perry would not have taken his mate anywhere else. Hannah, the brunette, let out a gasp of horror at the state of the wolf on the bed before getting her game face on and setting to work.

3. What is this book’s genre and would you ever write in another genre?
Alpha Second is a Paranormal Gay Erotic Romance (MM) story. The series has werewolves, vampires, elementals, witches, a few humans, and all sorts of others. I have written sci-fi/fantasy before and may return to it at some point but am very happy right where I am at the moment. 

4. Do you have any reviews for it yet? If so, what was your favourite one? Also if a blog reviewer posted a review you’d like to share, please post the link.
It only came out today, so there are no reviews yet.

You heard her folks the woman wants reviews…give them to her!

5. Do you have any other books out that you’d like to mention?
It is my first so there are no others out yet but there are plenty more on the way!

6. Are you currently writing anything else?
I am currently at different stages of several other books. I am readying book three in the series to be sent off, book four is undergoing its second draft and book 5 is on its first draft. I also have ideas plotted out for up to book 12 in the series, so we will be seeing lots more of the Whithowe Forest Pack and its members in the future!
Another WIP I am working on is the first in a trilogy, about three princes (each of whom gets one of the books in the trilogy for their own story). I am very excited about this particular book and I adore the characters in it.

7. Do you have any upcoming releases?
Book two in the series has been accepted and is currently scheduled for release in August. The working title for book two is ‘Another Way to Hide,’ and features characters you will have met in book one.

Thank you for reading. The book is now available at Siren Bookstrand.

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