Coming October 1st to Naughty Nights Press…


Beauty and the Geek

What would you do if you suspected your future husband was cheating on you? Would you break his one and only rule to find out the truth…even if you knew you might find out way more than you bargained for?

While looking for proof that her fiance is cheating, Sage learns that not only is he seeing a stripper named Starlet but he’s also a hired killer. In an effort to go into hiding, she attends an old friend’s wedding in hopes of running into Aden, the sexy high school super geek that’s always had a thing for her. She offers him an arrangement, she’ll fulfill his every nerdy sexual fantasy if he takes her 3,000 miles away. He’s more than willing to help her out but he’s had a lot of time to think and things have changed a lot since high school.