Acceptance with Naughty Nights Press!

I just finished signing a contract with Naughty Nights Press for my first ever erotic novella, Business or Pleasure!

Business or Pleasure…
Sage met her fiancé Tom when she was down and out on her luck. She let him get away with a lot during their four year-long relationship, but the one thing she wasn’t going to tolerate was him, cheating on her. Suspicious, Sage looks into the, little black book, that Tom has warned her to never touch. While flipping through the pages Sage makes the gruesome discovery that Tom isn’t the man he’s been pretending to be, he’s worse. Tom is a hired hit-man for a branch of the local Mob.
After failing to kill her, Sage is able to escape her former fiancée and return home to Maine. Her plan is to seduce a former crush, Aden, a socially awkward, gorgeous genius, at a mutual friend’s wedding, so he will bring her back to his new home in California, three-thousand miles away. They haven’t spoken to one another, since their high school graduation when he made his interest in her, perfectly clear.
Sage is unable to deceive Aden about her true intensions. To her surprise, Aden is more than willing to accommodate her in her efforts to escape Tom, but he’s not letting her off scott-free either. He has plans for her, and fantasies he’s had time to perfect, since kissing her on their graduation day, but is their time together Business or Pleasure?