New Release… Carnal Desires

Carnal Desires

Kara Huntington’s Debut Erotic Comedy!

Carnal Desires is about a young, modern day, Hindu Indian woman, that is in an arranged marriage. Being as smart as she is, before agreeing to the marriage she demands that her future husband send her to college in the US so that she can get a degree for when he inevitably trades her in when he grows bored with her.

               I’d been able to delay the inevitable marriage by negotiating my willingness to marry Ajay in exchange for four years of freedom in an American college of my choosing, but after four years, I’ve decided I’ve had enough of being controlled by heartless family and horny old men. I was going to be bad. It is my senior year of college and despite all the flack I’d gotten from my parents for coming to school in America, I’d never once gone to a party and had lurid sex with any one of the eligible campus males.
I’d heard of more than just a few family friends back in India, who found shame when it came time for their daughter’s wedding to be consummated, and her new husband made the shocking discovery that he wasn’t the first man to play hide the snake with his supposed virginal bride.
Not me though. I’d done everything they asked. I’d gotten a job, played a sport, though I hardly thought they were thinking ping pong when they made the request, and I’d joined a sorority.
Four short years later, I found myself at the head of my class, with a grade point average of a 3.99, and a small savings for the day in which my soon to be husband grew tired of me. Besides this, all I had to my name was a small shelf full of ping pong trophies, and more sweater sets then anyone other than Martha Stewart or the First Lady of the United States, should ever own.
At the moment, my roommate Jessica and her long-time boyfriend were doing things in her dark half of the room, that I’d literally visualized doing at least once an hour, since turning thirteen years old. Here I was now, age twenty-one with one hand over my mouth and the other down my Mickey Mouse pajama bottoms, with my eyes rolled back in my head, praying I had enough control over my orgasm that I didn’t scream out Jason’s name right alongside Jessica. That probably went against some sort of unspoken roommate code that I didn’t know about.

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