My Upcoming Release!

What do you get when you have a recently single, part-time Christmas Elf and a sexy tattooed Santa Clause ironically named Cole? One hell of a naughty list.

Coming soon to Naughty Nights Press, Cole for Christmas by Kara Huntington

I’d been surprisingly calm about the whole thing when I’d found a naked human being shivering under my bed. I asked her nicely to come out, she kindly refused so I dragged her out by her hair and kicked her bare ass all the way out my front door, pretend slashing at her the whole way with a fake Halloween knife I’d picked up along the way.

Looking back on it now, I really shouldn’t have been all that surprised when the police showed up to arrest me for disturbing the peace.

So, now I had to pay off three maxed out credit-cards, a small personal loan, lawyer fees and the state of Nebraska court system because of undeserved assault charges from when the naked human being took me to court. Apparently it’s illegal to forcefully remove the person, your boyfriend was bonking behind your back, from beneath your bed.

It had been three months and I was barely making enough money at my job as a kindergarten teacher, to do anything but pay the bills. If things weren’t bad enough I’d recently lost my job because of education cut backs.

Things only got worse from there when after two weeks of searching for a new job, the only thing I could get was working as a part time Christmas elf at a shopping mall, for the month of December.

All and all, I felt pathetic. This was definitely a low point in my life. I was a college graduate, I had six years of experience as a teacher, I’d been dumped by a glorified gigolo and the only thing left in my refrigerator was half of a cup of almond milk and a bottle of ketchup and I couldn’t bring myself to eat my ex-boyfriend’s evil shoe eating cat.

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