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Pre-edited Chapter One Excerpt of Beauty and the Geek: You know that guy you went to high school with? No, I’m not talking about the hot jock that’s probably married, divorced and has three kids, with two different women and a beer gut…no, no, no. I’m talking about, The Nerd. He was the guy that all the other smart kids went to for help with their homework. He was the guy that made the teachers nervous when he walked into a classroom. He didn’t date, because he didn’t seem to want to. He didn’t party because, he didn’t need to. He didn’t do much but study, and sit quietly amongst your group of friends, never really saying anything, and now he’s a robotics engineer in California. If you haven’t guessed it, I’m talking about my nerd from high school. His name is Aden, and at this exact moment I’m thinking really hard about Aden, and what could have been. Why didn’t I date him, back then? Why didn’t I date guys like him now? Well, to be completely honest, I’m not only thinking about Aden. I’m also thinking about how I’m going to get away from my currently, homicidally, enraged fiancé. You see my fiancé, Tom, has this one rule, and I sort of bent it a little bit. Okay, bent isn’t accurate, I broke the damn thing in half. His one rule is that I never look into this one little black book. For the last three years I let it slide. Mostly because Tom had platinum cards and gave me expensive gifts. Don’t judge me. I’m not just some fru-fru spoiled little arm candy/future trophy wife. I’d been raised the hard way, and I’d lived that way for a long time, before meeting Tom. When he found me I was just as self-righteous and feminist, as the next classically trained, female artist out there, but I was also hungry and wearing Goodwill garbage bag specials. That means I pulled them out of the dumpster. Tom wasn’t my first bad relationship. There had been between ten and twelve, “Toms,” before him and every time things went south, I found my, self-righteous, self, out on my penniless, single ass. The first time I met Tom, I was desperately peddling my art out of the trunk of a ’94 Buick, Skylark. Said Skylark was also doubling as my current residence. I’d hit rock bottom, and he was interested in my art, and by art I mean me. Tom couldn’t have cared less about my art and at that point, neither could I. So, turning over a new leaf, in an effort to pull my, self-righteous, half-starved ass, out of the pit of despair, I decided Tom was going to be my meal ticket. I knew in order for this to happen, I had to swallow my enormous pride. This, I found, was surprisingly easy to do on an empty stomach. So, I ignored his strange behavior and strange friends, who did everything secretly, from ordering spaghetti to having a conversation about the weather. I ignored that fact that Tom didn’t talk about his work and I ignored his little black book and the fact that I wasn’t allowed to touch it. Four years and one engagement later everything was working out okay, until I first smelled the cheap perfume, three weeks ago, and suddenly, my forgotten pride was rearing its ugly head, and demanding answers to questions I should have left buried. I was never told what was in the forbidden book, or why I wasn’t allowed to look in it, but as they say, curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought him back. Tom carried the damn thing with him everywhere and on the rare occasion when he’d forget it I would sit and stare at it whenever I walked into the room and discovered its presence. It was a real life mystery and since I was recently engaged when I first smelled the cheap perfume, I had somehow convinced myself that the secret rule was officially moot. He must have had her knock off Channel on the brain when he left for work that morning, because he forgot his, little black book of secrets, on the nightstand, next to his watch. I eyed the worn little book suspiciously, from my perch on the edge of our bed, while chewing my perfect, manicure, all to hell. I knew the bastard was cheating on me but I wanted proof, I needed proof. I didn’t have a whole lot of rules anymore, but I didn’t usually accuse people of doing things unless I knew for sure. I’d been accused of things, growing up, that I never would have done, and I didn’t appreciate being judged without proof. So me looking in the book wasn’t an act of rebellion, it was an act of respect. I scooted innocently closer to the night-stand, and flipped the little book open with my heart hammering in my throat but after brief inspection I realized, the names in the book weren’t women’s names…not all of them anyway. No, most of the names in this little book were of people who’d recently gone missing, and showed up again later, in pieces, in people’s dumpsters on garbage day or in the river. Once I realized what I was actually looking at, I reread the extensive list with, “reasons” carefully printed beside their names. Betrayal, snitch, liar, blaa, blaa, blaa…all reasons, Tom and his group of mysterious, cryptic, friends thought were sufficient enough to end someone’s life and desecrate their rotting corpses. Sure, I knew he was into something dirty, but I was thinking stolen toaster ovens, knock off purses, and pirated movies, kind of dirty, not fitting people with cement shoes or cutting them up into little pieces for convenient disposal, kind of dirty. I read through the list a few more times, in utter and complete shock, their remembered faces popping into my memory, from the missing posters and local news channel, as well as few that I’d met personally, and subsequently, hadn’t seen in a while. Abruptly my brain caught up with the racing of my heart. I stood and hauled the largest of my suitcases from under the bed and started packing. Well, packing isn’t what I did. Packing is when you carefully place folded clothes into a suitcase, what I was doing was grabbing fistfuls of over-priced, gaudy, clothes and cramming them, hangers and all, into the open suitcase. Tom walked into the bedroom catching me with two fistfuls of underwear in my hands. My heart seized in my chest, and I glanced at him, then the still open black book on the nightstand, then back at him again, before clearing my throat. “You’re home early.” I said with a shaking voice. The look on his face was grim as he quietly took in the scene before him, and slipped his athletically, wide shoulders out of his tailored sports coat, carefully folding it and placing it on the bed. “You looked in the book didn’t you?” He asked in a strange soft voice that sent shivers of terror down my spine. On sale now for a limited pre-order price of .99.

K.R. Haynes and her latest, The Fire in Her Eyes


Since the first night Officer Mick Huon met Mary J Sinclair down at the Convict Inn, fiery sparks of passion have flown between the two of them. After stealing one kiss from her, Mick decides it’s best if he keeps his distance from Mary J, mainly due to his steadily rising affection for her that was stirred up from one brief tender moment they shared. What Mick hadn’t counted on was for Mary J to seduce him. The woman has a fire within her that sets him ablaze with primal lust. To tame a stubborn redhead like Mary J, Mick will have to pull out all the stops if he’s planning on enticing her into his bed.

But when Mary J’s dark past collides with the present, it stirs up more trouble than they were both prepared for. Can Mick conquer Mary J’s past in time or will he end up losing her forever?

What Inspired you to write the book :

I have always wanted to write but wasn’t entirely sure what genre I wanted to write for. Then I happen to stumble upon Erotic Romance novels one day a few years back and became addicted to them. So a couple of years I sat down and began writing my own novels and haven’t looked back. The best thing I like about the Erotic Romance genre isn’t just the explosive sex scenes, it’s more the deep emotional connection you form with your characters whether your writing about them or reading about them, and that connection is what’s important to me. I want my readers to feel what the Hero and Heroine are feeling and laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry. That’s what I aim for every time I put pen to paper and begin writing a new novel.

Story excerpt :

“Do you regret what happened between us that night in the chapel? Is that why you flaunted your date in front me the other night?” Mary J asked him quietly.

“Now wait just a damn minute there, sweetness, before you go accusing me of doing wrong by you. For one thing, I never intentionally flaunted my date in front of you and I’ve just apologised for it, so far as I’m concerned it’s history. Secondly, I don’t regret a damn thing when it comes to you or even when I’m with you.” Oh shit did he just say that out loud? A quick glance at Mary J and Mick knew he had. The shocked look on her face was clearly evident from hearing his untimely omission. He would be the first to admit that he had just screwed this whole evening up by having a slip-of-the-tongue moment. Fuck.

Scrubbing a hand roughly through his hair, Mick raised his gaze to hers and forced the words that he needed to say to her out of his damnable mouth. “I’m going about this all the wrong way. Look, Mary J, I just came here tonight to apologise to you for the way I acted the other night. That’s all.”

Disappointment flashed in her eyes for a moment and Mick wanted to kick his own ass for putting it there. He real did suck at apologising to her and his efforts at trying to woo her sucked even more. Christ, he was going to need to do some serious grovelling to fix the mistakes he had made with her so they could both move past this and move on to more pleasurable activities he had in mind for them.

But seeing Mary J cross her arms over her chest as she moved from behind her desk to stand in front of him only increased his need to see her submit to him. Christ, even his dick was getting onboard at seeing her little act of defiance. His cock was throbbing like a son of a bitch, all because it wanted out of his jeans so it could dive straight into her luscious heat.

Right then, Mick could hardly wait for the day when he could strip her naked and tie her spread eagle to his bed so he could give her so much damn pleasure she would be begging him for release time and time again. However, instead of acting on those erotic urges of his, he settled for something more romantic by tucking an errant curl behind her ear. Her eyes were simmering with heated lust when she gazed up at him through lowered lashes. Slowly and tenderly, Mick brushed the back of his knuckles down her cheek and smiled to himself at hearing her soft intake of breath.

Review : This review is for the first novel in the In Her Eyes series :
4 STAR * Review for The Light in Her Eyes. Reviewed by Francine Alli BTS eMag.
Summary : The Light in Her Eyes is sizzling hot read that is sure to heat your summer nights. A Dom in practice and in personality, Jon didn’t expect to meet his old flame in one of his patrol nights. Bringing feisty Chloe to submission and keeping her safe at the same time takes up a lot of the cop’s free time and brings an unexpected yet pleasing twist to his life. Unexpectedly touching, K.R. Haynes gifted her characters with abilities to feel deeply, in turn, bringing the readers with them. With a rare realistic ending, this book is sure to catch the fancy of suspense, erotica, and romance readers. ***Warning: Expect consensual BDSM, bondage, flogging, wax play, and spanking.***

Carlie Sexton and Fallen For You


If you believe your life is the sum total of your choices, what do you do when things just don’t add up? You are about to find out. It won’t be pretty. It won’t be dull. And surely, it won’t be safe. In fact, making just one wrong choice could put evil at your bedside watching you sleep.
And so it is with Kate Simmons, a young woman who, by choosing to regain her life, actually puts it at risk by the very choices she makes. After unimaginable heartbreak stops her world on a dime, Kate falls into a three-year blackness of self blame that brings her to the edge of life, itself. As time finally brings light back through tiny cracks of renewed desire, Kate moves out of the prison she made for herself in her mother’s home to find a new reality, rooming with her best girlfriend, Charlie.
Yet, to be free is to be vulnerable, and Kate’s choices more than ever mark a splattered line between being happy and being dead.
Care to choose? Here’s your menu: A strangely alluring building manager so possessed with wanting you for his own, he’ll bury more than the fact he has a girlfriend; a buff college student for whom you are clearly hot, as are all the other girls on campus; a pushy lawyer who is as handsome as he is intoxicated with conquest, who doesn’t take no for an answer, who gets what he wants — always.
Sometimes, it’s whom you choose. Sometimes, it’s who chooses you. If you’re Kate, it’s both, and it puts you on a perilous road where good looks and humor are the thin masks of jealous delusion and utter violence.
You’re in trouble when the sum total of your choices is written in blood red.


1. What inspired you to write this book?

I have written this book as fiction but some of it is based on events that happened in my life when I was in college.

2. Do you have a favorite part?

She took her dress off and folded it, placing it next to the sink. She looked at her thong underwear. What a mess! How am I going to resist this man? Did she want to resist him? He’s so sexy and he knows it. She put on the bikini. She had tried it on at the store while she was shopping with Natalie one day. Nat knew her size, so it was a perfect fit. She checked herself in the mirror from different angles. Well, it’s a bikini. It doesn’t cover much. She wrapped herself up in the cozy robe. It draped her body, concealing her for the moment. The night air had turned cool and she would need it when she got out of the Jacuzzi to keep warm. However, she had a feeling that Neil was going to do everything in his power to ensure her warmth sans the robe.
She got a hair tie out of her purse to put her hair up. She walked out onto the terrace. The sun was beginning to set and the ripples of the ocean glistened. Neil was sitting on the edge of the hot tub, his feet dangling in the bubbling water.
Kate couldn’t take her eyes off of his god-like physique. His body was so muscular and sexy. He must work out a lot to have those amazing abs. His shoulders were broad, his arms cut, and his pecs were firm. What a specimen of perfection. He was an Adonis. And he wanted her.
As she approached, he slipped into the tub. I Want to be Your Man was playing in the background. The music was sultry, the perfect song for the moment. He held his hand out to her, his gaze burning right through her. Okay, here goes nothing. Or everything. She loosened the tie on the robe and let it drop to the tiles beneath her feet. Neil’s face lit up, his desire showing through his expression. He let out a small groan. His eyes devoured her body like a lion devours its prey. As she entered the hot tub and moved toward him, his eyes stayed locked on hers. She wanted to look away because of his intensity, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t break free of his gaze. She knew in that second she would do anything he asked of her.
“I’m so glad the suit fits you,” he murmured in a sexy tone.
“Yeah, it just barely covers what it needs to. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”
“Who cares about imagination? I’m into reality and the reality is that you are a beautiful sight to behold,” he said, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her on top of him, her legs straddling his hips. She could feel his erection between her thighs. He was right there. This is so hot. He put his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her mouth to his. He consumed her, scouring every part of her mouth. His tongue was sweet like wine, caressing hers. She kissed him back with urgency. His hands roamed up and down her back. Then she realized that he was untying the strap of her bikini top. The two triangular pieces fell forward, revealing her breasts. He stopped kissing her and looked deep into her eyes.
“I know I said I would be a perfect gentleman. But the truth of the matter is you make me absolutely wild.” His breathing was heavy. “I want you so badly. I want to be your man,” he said, echoing the song. She felt the pulse between her legs heighten as she heard his words. She wanted him desperately too. All she could do was stare into his eyes as words failed her. He put his hands on each side of her breasts, pushing them together. He began licking one nipple, swirling around in circles, gently nipping and then licking again. Her nipple became erect. Then he moved to the other one, groaning the entire time. She arched her back, pushing her breasts toward him, letting her head fall back. Her hands held onto his shoulders. He was driving her wild between his sucking and licking. He pulled her head toward him. He looked into her eyes.
“You are so beautiful. I want to make love to you. Please let me,” he pleaded. “I want you so much. I just can’t wait.”
“I want to make love to you, too,” she said, her words barely audible.

3. What is this book’s genre and would you ever write in another genre?

The book’s genre is erotic romance thriller. I will most likely always write romantic fiction. It’s my favorite to read.

4. Do you have any reviews for it yet?

I have many reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s hard to narrow it down to one favorite, but I really liked this one:
5.0 out of 5 stars
Move Over Dexter!, June 6, 2013
This review is from: Fallen For You (The Killer Next Door) (Kindle Edition)
I was give this book as an ARC by Carlie. and if you are a fan of the show Dexter you are going to love this book.. I have a huge list of book that I love in the murder mystery folder, and this one is going to top of the list..

Kate is a beautiful girl who has just been going through life, she lost the what she thought was the love of her life in an accident and blamed herself for a long time, she shut her emotions off. she is finally back in control of her life, moved into a great apartment with her BFF, started back to school, and has a full time job.. she knows that she wants to love again, she misses every aspect of having relationship.

On her first day back to school she meets a guy that all the girls are drawn to handsome college co-ed that has no problem take a different girl home with him every night. Mark Baxter is someone that Kate wants to stay away from, but when Mark takes notices of Kate and want to be friends and possibly more she isn’t sure if she is ready for anyone of that.

one of the things with going back to school is signing up for a mentor from an alum but when her tour guide Neil is a no show and she is left talking to another tour guide Mac who happens to be a good friend of Neil’s and happens to take a picture and send it to Neil.

Neil Statton is a lawyer working at his father’s firm, when he can’t make it to be Kate’s tour guide and receives a text from Best Pal Mac he knows that he is going to have to meet Kate no matter what. But she isn’t going to make it easy for him.

Kate now meets Neil and feelings she never experienced before come around and she knows that they are meant to be together but others have other ideas about that.

This book keeps you wondering if there will ever be a happy ever after but more than that it makes you think about everything that has happened in the book and if Kate will make the right choice..

I can’t wait for more of this series and from Carlie Sexton!!!

I have to admit that I’m a Dexter addict, so the tag line really made my day!!

5. Do you have any other books out that you’d like to mention?

I will be releasing book 2 in my series Taken by You (The Killer Next Door, Part 2) on July 9th. The final book in the series Given to You (The Killer Next Door, Part 3). These are the first books that I have written. I do have ideas for many other stories and hope to transition from being a teacher to a writer.

6. Are you currently writing anything else?

I am in the final editing stages of book 3 and have started my 4th book. It is about two characters that meet in my series. It will be a stand-alone book. I’m considering the title Beholden to You.

Acceptance with Naughty Nights Press!

I just finished signing a contract with Naughty Nights Press for my first ever erotic novella, Business or Pleasure!

Business or Pleasure…
Sage met her fiancé Tom when she was down and out on her luck. She let him get away with a lot during their four year-long relationship, but the one thing she wasn’t going to tolerate was him, cheating on her. Suspicious, Sage looks into the, little black book, that Tom has warned her to never touch. While flipping through the pages Sage makes the gruesome discovery that Tom isn’t the man he’s been pretending to be, he’s worse. Tom is a hired hit-man for a branch of the local Mob.
After failing to kill her, Sage is able to escape her former fiancée and return home to Maine. Her plan is to seduce a former crush, Aden, a socially awkward, gorgeous genius, at a mutual friend’s wedding, so he will bring her back to his new home in California, three-thousand miles away. They haven’t spoken to one another, since their high school graduation when he made his interest in her, perfectly clear.
Sage is unable to deceive Aden about her true intensions. To her surprise, Aden is more than willing to accommodate her in her efforts to escape Tom, but he’s not letting her off scott-free either. He has plans for her, and fantasies he’s had time to perfect, since kissing her on their graduation day, but is their time together Business or Pleasure?

Author Gemma Parkes and A Voyeuristic Lover!

Product Details

1. What inspired you to write this book?

This particular story ‘A Voyeuristic Lover’ began life as a blog flash. I wrote it in the first person and it was around 200 words long. I always liked the flash and thought l should probably develop it. The longer story meant that it worked better in the third person so l chopped and changed it around a bit. I thought the style would really suit Naughty Nights Press and l was thrilled when they accepted it as a Hotshot.


Rosie and Paul have a very unconventional relationship. He likes to watch her as she seduces other men to the point of complete sexual satisfaction. Paul is deeply aroused when he views her pleasure as Rosie succumbs to the heated desire she creates in the opposite sex. This kinky delight is a thrill for Rosie too and she is more than enthusiastic about giving in to her lovers increasing demands. Ruled by her desire to please and driven by her own sexual urges, Rosie embarks on a night out with a dark, decadent ending that eventually finds her the main performer in a multiple partner orgy of lust. Just how far will she go to feed her libido and fulfil Paul’s many fantasies? And what does Paul intend to do with his latest purchase?
A Voyeuristic Lover is sexually explicit and is intended for adults only.

2. Do you have a favorite part?

The scene in the wine bar near the beginning:

A slow sensual beat filled the room from several hidden speakers. Couples huddled together in alcove seating making promises they would never keep with stolen kisses and sincere expressions. There was an air of dark sensuality about the place. It wasn’t quite decadent but in spite of the many customers there was a feeling of intimacy and excitement.
My heart thudded and l felt a shiver of expectancy crawl across my skin as Paul stroked my ass lightly through the fabric and whispered hotly into my ear exactly what it was he wanted me to do.
Following my instructions I approached the bar alone; l knew that everyone was watching me; l could feel their eyes drinking me in, making judgements and decisions simply by watching me walk.
I ordered champagne and sat on a high bar stool, once again crossing my legs and allowing my dress to ride high revealing my smooth, naked, right thigh. I stole a glance at my reflection behind the bar staff for confidence and waited.
Paul took a seat at a nearby table and settled down to watch me. I felt his eyes boring through me, trying to sense my mood and commanding me to do this right. His expectation was so high I could hardly breathe.
Within minutes, a young man approached me.

3. What is this book’s genre and would you ever write in another genre? 

This book is erotic fiction and is sexually explicit being a multi partner story. I do write in different genres but not under this name. I like to write as the mood takes me and l wouldn’t compromise myself by limiting any potential l might have.

4. Do you have any reviews for it yet?

This particular book has only been out for sale since 13th June so no reviews yet, but l really hope l get some nice ones!

5. Do you have any other books out that you’d like to mention?

Quite a few really but my particular favourites are my Christmas anthology (l know it’s hot outside!) ‘Christmas Delights’ and my last novella ‘A Wicked Game’.

Synopsis ‘A Wicked Game’:
A clandestine encounter between lecturers at Keywood upper college campus is witnessed by second year psychology student Lucinda White. Determined to make the most of this opportunity Lucinda embarks on a little blackmail, convincing senior lecturer Mr. Peter Caine that she will keep quiet about her discovery in exchange for a series of after college tuition.
But what does Lucinda really want? Is there more to this enigmatic girl than meets the eye?
‘A Wicked Game’ is a story of sexual desire and intrigue. Follow it through its many twists and turns until the story reaches its final climax.
This book is sexually explicit and intended for adults only.

Product Details

Product Details

6. Are you currently writing anything else? 

Yes, at the moment l have two anthology request stories to finish before the end of this month so it’s all go!

7. Do you have any upcoming releases?

I intend releasing ‘Dancing for the Boys’ next month. It’s one of the first stories l wrote and tells the tale of a college student who strips one night at a gentlemen’s party! I am also eagerly awaiting the release of a story accepted by Ravenous Romance for their sex toy anthology!

Um, okay, me too 🙂

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