Coming October 1st to Naughty Nights Press…


Beauty and the Geek

What would you do if you suspected your future husband was cheating on you? Would you break his one and only rule to find out the truth…even if you knew you might find out way more than you bargained for?

While looking for proof that her fiance is cheating, Sage learns that not only is he seeing a stripper named Starlet but he’s also a hired killer. In an effort to go into hiding, she attends an old friend’s wedding in hopes of running into Aden, the sexy high school super geek that’s always had a thing for her. She offers him an arrangement, she’ll fulfill his every nerdy sexual fantasy if he takes her 3,000 miles away. He’s more than willing to help her out but he’s had a lot of time to think and things have changed a lot since high school.

Coming May 2nd!

My debut erotic short story is due for release on May 2nd 2014, with publisher, Naughty Nights Press! This story was written for an anthology but I misinterpreted the submission call and it didn’t qualify. What it did do though, was get the attention of the head of NNP and garnered it’s own release! I am very pleased to be invited to join NNP’s list of writers and publications with Carnal Desires. This is just a little taste of my writing, meant to whet the lips of my readers and leaving them wanting more. I am contracted with NNP for several more, (longer) releases as the year progresses!

Now, a little about Carnal Desires
Tara is in an arranged marriage but she’s enjoying her last four years of freedom at an American college before she must marry Ajay. She’s always done everything her family asks of her but the Goddess Rati, otherwise known as the Goddess of Carnal Desires, has other plans for Tara and suddenly she finds herself naked, in the shower with a sexy American stranger.

Carnal Desires

Please keep your eyes wide open for my next release… Business or Pleasure. The story of a woman who goes to the only man she can trust, when her boyfriend tries to kill her. Aden’s willing to help her out but nothing is free and he’s had plans for Sage since they went to high school together.